//Vegan French Desserts, It’s Possible and Delicious

Vegan French Desserts, It’s Possible and Delicious

Desserts. Sinful treats that puts a smile on our faces. Whether we gobble them up after a meal or have them over tea or supper, it’s just one of those “must haves” when cravings hit us. One of them that tops the list, French Pastries. Macrons, Madeleine, Tarte au Citron, to name a few – It’s pretty difficult to say no when you’re offered one. These mouth-watering delights are definitely a treat to enjoy but let’s face it, the ingredients can be a bit unhealthy.

Fear not, there are alternatives – Vegan French Desserts! A new wave of alternative ingredients are on the rise, replacing  the likes of milk and cheese. Not only are they healthier but also sustainable and environmentally healthy.

Vegan French Desserts, It’s Possible and Delicious.

We sat down with world renowned Chef Adrian Wu, who recently held an exclusive dessert tasting workshop at Ucommune Mong Kok with some of our member and partners to promote his upcoming Vegan Pâtisserie Workshops, and ask him to share his journey to a vegan lifestyle and how he infused it with his patent French desserts.

This is how Chef Adrian Wu #AchievesMore

Robin: Hi Chef Adrian, as a Taiwanese Chef that have travelled and lived in different parts of the Europe, you must have a lot of life-changing experiences. Share with us a bit of your background and what led you to where you are right now.

Chef Adrian: Hello Robin, It’s great to meet you again. I have an ever-lasting passion for making delicious food since I was little. Coming from a family with talented home cooks, I have a deep love for Asian cuisine. At the same time, I am a big fan of European food and pastry, and decided to expand my knowledge and food culture in different parts of the world. I started running my own business in Taipei about eight years ago, and in these past two years, I’ve worked in Vienna and Paris – two of the best cities in Europe to learn excellent cuisine and pastry, in my opinion

Robin: That’s amazing! However, you decided to leave your recent job overseas, Tian, a Michelin Veg Restaurant at Vienna, and travel around for quite some time. Walk us through your thought process.

Chef Adrian: Vienna is the origin of many western contemporary cuisines. They’ve kept the most traditional and classical techniques till present day,  which is the reason why I decided to bring my talents there and learn from them. I’ve decided to move as I feel I want to elevate my knowledge in the modern cuisines. What better way to experience the best out there  than in Paris, France. To me, this place hosts most pioneers that push the boundaries of food.

Robin: There are a variety of European cuisines, what made you to choose Vegan Pastry as your major focus?

Honestly speaking, there are many chefs out there that can make outstanding vegan cuisines, but it’s an entirely a different story of making vegan pastries. When you have to eliminate egg and dairy from the recipe, the proportions and ingredients are all very different from the non-vegan recipe. Finding the perfect replacement of egg is that challenge and dream of all modern vegan chef.

Robin:What’s the most difficult challenge you face when you work in a European restaurant? Any realizations or learning points?

The rules are quite different from one place to another, from operating, processing, to housekeeping, hygiene rules and etc, most of all, language was the biggest difficulty. Working in a kitchen with a crew of non-English speaking staff, it can be pretty challenging. I have to study both basic German and French and learn how to effectively communicate and quickly act in a rather busy kitchen.

Gentle Gourmet is one of the best haute vegan cuisine restaurant in Paris founded around 2010, and I have acquired and practised a lot of my skills in making authentic French pastries and experienced in making an unbelievably huge variety of desserts from different regions of France.

Vegan French Dessert is the alternative option in enjoying France’s finest, both a healthy and sustainable option. We believe this is the way forward that will help create a positive force in the market. We’re excited to how Chef Adrian will push the boundaries and achieve more!

Discover the process in making Vegan French Pastry with Chef Adrian! In his six-course series, you’ll learn how to incorporate vegan ingredients in various recipes. Be part of the movement and be a Chef today!

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Adrian Wu is a professional vegan Chef from Taiwan. He has 10 years of practical experience in western restaurants and European bakeries, and he currently provides guidance to many restaurants in Taiwan and other Asian countries. In recent years Chef Adrian lived in Austria heserved as a pastry chef at Tian, a Michelin-starred veg restaurant in Vienna. He also worked as pastry chef at vegan restaurants in Paris such as Gentle Gourmet. 

After spending extensive time in Austria learning the intricacies of French cuisines, Chef Wu is now passing on his experience by offering high-quality vegan culinary workshops and training courses to people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.


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