//Ucommune Joins Asia’s Largest Tech Conference, RISE 2019. Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Zhang, as Speaker.

Ucommune Joins Asia’s Largest Tech Conference, RISE 2019. Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Zhang, as Speaker.

From the 8th to the 11th of July, Ucommune will be joining Asia’s largest Tech Conference, RISE 2019. Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Zhang, will be a speaker alongside 350+ world’s most influential and top leaders.


As of December 2018, Ucommune has been operating more than 200 spaces in 44 cities. Taking “link China” as its mission, Uccommune’s overseas operation team hopes to be the first stop for mainland enterprises to go abroad, and for overseas enterprises to come into the mainland market. Some of Ucommune’s member companies have already set their first step to go abroad with Ucommune’s services in Hong Kong & Singapore.

截止2018年12月,优客工场在全球44个城市布局200余个联合办公空间。优客工场海外业务以“Link China”为使命,希望同时成为国内企业出海和海外创业企业进入中国的第一站。一些会员企业已经把他们的海外布局第一站放在优客工场香港和新加坡社区。


As part of its collective efforts in bringing the ucommune brand to the international market, ucommune hopes to share and showcase its commitment to providing premium coworking and private office spaces for startups and enterprises, and network of over 200+ locations across Asia.

此次参展香港RISE科技展,优客工场希望把“致力于服务百万企业,做城市美好生活代表品牌”的愿景,以及海外社区“Link China”的使命传递到全球。

General Manager of Ucommune Hong Kong, Robin Huang, shares

“We’re excited to be part of RISE and create new dialogues with all the attendees on how we can help them achieve more in the Greater Bay Area. There is so much potential in the region and we believe we play a significant role in helping businesses grow like never before”.



Be part of RISE and visit Ucommune’s booth at E112 and listen to Josh Zhang shares his insight about the 996 Work Hustle Culture on the 11th of July, 3:00 pm – 3:25 pm at the Startup University Stage.


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About RISE

According to CNBC, RISE is “the largest technology gathering in Asia”. Now in its fifth year, the event brings together the world’s leading founders, investors, multinationals and the world’s most promising startups to Hong Kong from July 8-11. They’ll be joined by journalists from major global media outlets and thousands of attendees for three days of unparalleled networking potential.



About Ucommune

Ucommune (Beijing) Venture Investment Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 by Dr. Mao Daqing, and is recognized as China’s leading shared working space provider, offering one-stop service solutions for start-ups of varied sizes. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has set its footprints in over 200 locations across 44 cities worldwide.


优客工场(Ucommune)是中国联合办公行业首个独角兽级别企业,旗下汇聚多个联合办公优秀品牌,合力建设基于联合社群的商业社交平台和资源配置平台,营造理想的工作生活方式场景。它以“给你每一个快乐的工作日”为使命,致力于服务百万企业,做城市美好生活代表品牌。优客工场已经在全球44 座城市布局了200余个联合办公空间,聚集超40万全球会员。

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