//Ucommune Celebrates Four Years of Revolutionizing Office Space

Ucommune Celebrates Four Years of Revolutionizing Office Space

Ucommune, a Beijing-based unicorn that has redesigned working space, celebrated its fourth year in business last month at the Beijing Kaixinmahua Theatre.

The company provides services in office space expansion, management of standard workspace operations, membership networks, and internal community innovation, aiming to achieve its goal of “serving millions of enterprises and represent a better life of future cities.”

This year, Ucommune has revamped its mission. Under its new slogan, “To bring you every happy working day,” the company provides services to enterprises in diverse industries and gets partnering organizations and entrepreneurs to collaborate on the pursuit of growth and development.

Ucommune Celebrates Four Years of Revolutionizing Office Space

In addition, Ucommune has launched a new strategy it called “Appeal.” The strategy includes:

Space Focus. Leveraging its expertise, Ucommune aims to reduce office maintenance costs and improve workspace efficiency by providing customized solutions for large enterprises.

Membership Focus. With more than 300,000 registered individual members, Ucommune uses membership points to improve the relationship between enterprises and individuals. By providing high-quality membership service, Ucommune creates value for enterprises and helps them attract talented employees.

Smart Focus. Ucommune uses 5G technology to build smart office systems in workspaces. Each office desk is a small replicable economic unit. The company develops the most efficient solution for each desk user at an office.

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