//Recommended Tools to Hack Productivity

Recommended Tools to Hack Productivity


The work grind can be tough. At times, you are faced with hours long of repetitive tasks and can suck up all your efficiency away. It can take out the joy of work on a daily basis.

Whether its sorting documents, action items, frameworks, or looking for inspirations for your next big campaign, these daily workflows can be the bottleneck that hinders you or your team to grow and get those easy wins.

If you are a fan of achieving more and winning more, we’ve summed up some tools and software we think would help. These are tools that have helped us and also some of our members.

Recommended Tools to Hack Productivity

Google Suite

Like it or not, Google product lines are incredible. They pretty much sort out the basic tools that businesses need, and oh, they’re free. Create a Gmail account then get instant access to Applications like Google Drive (a cloud drive), Keep (online to-do list), Photos (cloud photo storage, Google Docs, Slide, and Sheet (don’t need to explain what they are, wink*).

Not to mention that these tools have various additional plug-ins as well. You can play around with them and add them to your workflow.

Get your Gmail account here







This is an all-in-one collaboration tool. This powerful cloud-based service helps you and your team manage projects more effectively. You can control the data you’ve input in any you want it to be. Works like a spreadsheet with additional configurations as they say.

Create an account here




Social Media managers and planners, your one-stop tool definitely has to be Buffer. Plan your content ahead across all channels in one dashboard. This application saves you the hassle of going into each website and scheduling the same content over and over again. From a task of 20 minutes, this tool can save you up to 10-15 min, and honestly, that helps. Start planning your content here



Need a quick artwork fix but don’t have the expensive applications on your computer (ahem, Adobe) to get it done? This wonderful web application gives you creative freedom like your using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The best part of this tool is the various templates that are within the system. Start designing, click here.





No matter how good of a copywriter you are, you need a second pair of eyes to review those minor errors hidden in the paragraphs you’ve just written. Grammarly is a simple plug-in application that flags your mistakes and gives you an immediate recommendation to correct it. Definitely a lifesaver. Install plugin here.



There are loads of applications out there that can help you be more productive. These are just tools that we believe can make an immediate impact to your daily grind.

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