Ucommune’s Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Zhang Delivers Speech at The World Internet Conference

This year’s conference forum will focus on “science and technology”, “industry and economy”, “Humanities and society”, “cooperation and governance” and set up 20 sub forums. Zhang Peng, chief Innovation Officer and executive principal of Ucommune, attended the sub forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled “challenges of innovators”.

Zhang Peng said in his speech: “in this era, we should be particularly awed and actively embrace technology. Under the background of the new era, new knowledge, new economy and new ideas are emerging in an endless stream, so we can no longer stick to a field for a lifetime like we used to treat knowledge learning in the agricultural era, which is too difficult. We see endless knowledge, so we need to be like nomads, where there is abundant water and grass to go, and then find the next fuller place. ”

Driven by the Internet and the trend of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Ucommune has developed rapidly. Up to now, Ucommune is located in 44 cities, with more than 200 joint office spaces,  providing to more than 400,000 global members. With the help of perfect online and offline ecological service system, Unocal workshop has become the habitat of top 500 companies and unicorn enterprises. Through innovation and cooperation, Ucommune further promotes mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Provide high-quality services to start-ups, local incubators, mass entrepreneurship space, college entrepreneurship students, self-employed groups and other innovative groups, and create an ecological community of innovation, linkage and sharing.


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