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Dr Mao’s Speech at the United Nations (UN) Global CSR Summit

Dr Mao's speech at the United Nations (UN) Global CSR Summit I am Mao Daqing, the founder of Ucommune. Thanks to the organizers of this event, so that Unocal workshop has the opportunity to [...]

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#FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi

“Why can't a 70 year old be a millennial, why can't a 75 year old be a coder or help you in a project that's delivering technology-based solution. It is possible ."  In our [...]

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Ucommune Receives United Nations Award in Recognition of Global CSR Innovation

New York, USA, October 16 2019 / PR Newswire / The founder and chairman of Ucommune, Dr. Daqing Mao, has been invited to attend the 2019 United Nations (UN) Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in [...]

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Actioning changes for Environmental Sustainability

The earth’s environment is an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s throwing away a piece of chewing gum paper or flushing the toilet, our everyday activities influence a certain extent of the environment. The importance of our environment affects us [...]

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