#FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility And Mobility – Sarah Garner

#FutureofWorkHK: Embracing Flexibility And Mobility – Sarah Garner

“Become employee centric and embrace flexibility and mobility to attract and retain the best talent”.

Continuing on with our #FutureofWorkHK video series with @HKMomtrepreneurs, we interviewed Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle, who explains her business solution to a universal problem, what to do with your kids clothing when they outgrow their clothes, predominately resolving the issue of waste while incorporating circularity through her business.

At Ucommune we pride ourselves on three types of sustainability; business, lifestyle and environmental which Sarah’s company fits categorically. Retykle is an online resale marketplace for luxury kids and maternity fashion. Sarah’s overall business message is to provide affordable kids and maternity premium apparel to the mass market and also incorporate strategic environmental practices to strengthen global warming and promote circularity.

Sarah provides flexible work schedules, creates an inclusive environment while also creating opportunities for highly talented individuals to make each and every talent they hire are retained and taken care of. That is the way every company should be, flexible and humane. Ucommune fully supports Sarah’s business story.

Sarah Gardner

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