//Actioning changes for Environmental Sustainability

Actioning changes for Environmental Sustainability

The earth’s environment is an integral part of our lives. Whether its throwing away a piece of chewing gum paper or flushing the toilet, our everyday activities influence a certain extent of the environment. The importance of our environment affects us all, choosing to ignore environmental sustainability can be the determining factor to our future.  

The environment is best left untouched eg, when a tree is cut down, it decomposes, resulting to natural nutrients to absorb into our soils. These nutrients help sustain suitable conditions so future trees can be born. Howeverwhen humans intervene to build infrastructure over our forestry, they are manipulating the cyclekilling the environment.  

There are many ways we can make little changes to encourage a greener future, whether we unplug our chargers during the night, wearing old clothes or just eating more meat-free meals, we can all start now.  

This month Ucommune will predominately focus on environmental sustainability and how certain actions and lifestyle changes can help our future, now. Without the application of environmental sustainability methods, long-term viability can be compromised. 


We have some eye-opening dialogues with environmental industry leaders for the month of October. Make sure to come along and let’s a make a change together at Ucommune. #AchieveMore  

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